Our favourite kitchen features

We see so many amazing kitchens that we often find ourselves lost daydreaming about our own kitchens. Whether it’s a beautiful product, Our favourite kitchen featuresinnovative idea or cool new appliance, most of us take mental notes for our future kitchen-renovating selves. Want to know what we would do if we were in your shoes?

  • “Open shelving. It’s great for easy accessibility to the everyday dishes and it’s an opportunity to have a ‘wow’ backsplash.” ~ Alexis, interior designer
  • “I love organization so more lower drawers and interior fittings for them.” ~Anne, manager
  • “A man servant.” ~Chels, bookkeeper
  • “A beautiful piece of granite to complement my favourite cabinets: IKEA’s Lidingo–in white.” ~Kyler, IKAN owner
  • “A big farmhouse sink and a hands-free faucet. There are a few models out there like the Delta touchless faucet, which I think are cool.” ~ Britt, marketer

Want to know what our Facebook fans pine for?

  • “A chef!!!”
  • “New counter tops!”
  • “Seating and a better placed dishwasher!”
    “Cupboards and drawers that are more functional! (And more of them for that matter!)”