Four tips for choosing the perfect sink

If you think about it, your sink may be the most utilized element of your kitchen, so it’s important it suits the way you cook and clean. Plus, today’s sinks are pretty! With a plethora of options out there, here are a list of things to guide you as you’re selecting a basin:

  1. Do you want a double sink? The advantage is that you have a spot for prep (filling pots of water and rinsing food) and a spot for dirty dishes that aren’t going into your dishwasher. The disadvantage is you will have two have two smaller basins instead of one large one. If the large sink calls your name, you can always buy a big shallow tub that you store under your sink and place it in the sink when you need it as a tub of warm soapy water for dirty dishes.Four tips for choosing the perfect sink
  2. What is your kitchen style? Generally you will fall into a modern or traditional look. Modern kitchens (with, for example, high-gloss flat cabinets) lend themselves to the sleek look of an undermount  or drop-in sink, while traditional kitchens (shaker cabinets, for example) shine with a farmhouse sink. But we’ve seen many country kitchens with undermount sinks that looks fantastic and many modern kitchens with farmhouse sinks that wow.Four tips for choosing the perfect sink
  3. Do you have a specific faucet look in mind? Some faucets can suit any sink, but if you have a beautiful, sleek faucet like this in mind, it suits a similarly sleek sink.Four tips for choosing the perfect sink
  4. The sinks material. You wan’t something that won’t scratch easily or leave an annoying amount of water marks. Also, material is a major qualifier of price. Once you’ve found a few sinks you like, do a little web research before you commit, and you should reveal the pros and cons of your materials.

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