Show off with glass cabinets

Go on, be a show off.

Let’s talk about the many advantages of utilizing glass cabinet doors in your kitchen design.

They allow you to display your precious heirlooms and favourite glassware (or scotch). Show off with glass cabinets

You can customize them to give your kitchen a unique look. You can paint the back of your cabinets, like these people did with their IKEA cabinets:Show off with glass cabinetsor add some wallpaper like Danielle (Kyler’s wife) did:

Show off with glass cabinets

The glass eliminates the dust from getting on these special items

They open up the kitchen by breaking up a wall of cabinets and adding some sparkle and colour to the room, like these gorgeous hits of red in a favourite Oak Bay project of ours:Show off with glass cabinets

IKEA offers a range of glass doors. If the glass isn’t your style, you can also switch it out for a preferred look. And if you’re worried about having to display picture-perfect items, you can go with frosted glass:Show off with glass cabinets