Minimalism in the kitchen

Keep. It. Simple. When you’re renovating your kitchen, updating it, or even just clearing out your cupboards, remember those three words. Here are some tips from the IKAN team:

If you are designing your kitchen–or just shuffling things around–think about which areas you use the most and what their purposes are. A dishwasher should be near the dish cupboard, for example.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Minimalism is the key to keeping your kitchen tidy and making cooking enjoyable. How many cutting boards, whisks and spatulas do you need? The answer is different for everyone, but the message is the same: keep it simple. Minimalism in the kitchen

A double basin sink is a functional way to organize clean and dirty dishes, or let the chicken thaw.Minimalism in the kitchen

Multiple drawers within a cupboard gives you clean lines.Minimalism in the kitchenMinimalism in the kitchen

A pull-out compost, recycling and trash bin makes like easy. Minimalism in the kitchen

A simple rack ensures everything is easy to reach and nothing will fall. Minimalism in the kitchen

IKEA’s corner cab pull out can tuck away more pots and pans than most people own. That’s keeping it simple.