IKEA door style: FLADIE

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We feature various IKEA doors on our blog so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. This week we’re looking at the Fladie door, which is definitely not for the faint of heart! The green tone in its semi-gloss finish adds a serious punch of personality to any home and creates a modern look.

IKEA door style: FLADIEMix and match this door with Veddinge for a more subtle colour pop or even incorporate any beautiful glass doors to create separation within the design.

The Fladie door style is also great for colour blocking. IKEA door style: FLADIE

Make your kitchen island a focal point in your home by drawing attention to the vibrant colour that will contrast and compliment the rest of your kitchen, like these homeowner’s did (note that this image is not of Fladie, but conveys a similar look).

If you’re looking for a bold feel in your home, Fladie is a great option for you. For more green inspiration, including a peek at Cameron Diaz’s green kitchen cabinets, check out The Kitchn. If green doesn’t appeal to you, IKEA’s yellow Jarsta is another powerful option.

If you’re ready for the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, set up a free in-home consultation with an IKAN Installation designer. We will happily show you how you can achieve the look you want with affordable and durable IKEA kitchen cabinetry. You can take a look at other door styles here, and read the features on our blog.