IKEA kitchen door style feature: EDSERUM

IKEA’s EDSERUM is an affordable and classic wood door option for your kitchen. A nice middle ground between a dark and light wood, the simple shaker style is functional and refined.

EDSERUM design This door can complement other woods in your furniture or pick up warm tones from countertops, tile or accent decor.

Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse, traditional, transitional, rustic or more contemporary look, this door suits a suite of styles. Create a warm farmhouse kitchen with black cup pulls paired with a skirted sink, or pair it with EDSERUM glass doors and granite counters for an American traditional or Craft-style home. Adding a white tile with dark grout alongside sleek modern appliances create a more up-beat, flexible space. This door easily flows from kitchen to dining to living spaces in your home.

IKAN recently installed this kitchen in the Greater Victoria area and the homeowners are very happy with the result. We love how the tall uppers and glass corner cabinet add gravitas to this space.EDSERUM design

After saying goodbye to their pink and purple linoleum and 1960s kitchen, the young couple opted to have IKAN design and install their new cabinets.

edserum-ikan-victoriaedserum-ikan-cabinets-ikeaPaired with stainless steel appliances and hardware, this traditional and classic kitchen has a modern feel. The U-shaped layout is very functional and IKEA’s fantastic cabinets make great use of the small space.