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Find your favourite faucet

We’re obsessed with Kohler’s sweep spray kitchen faucet, with its wide, high-powered water blade spray (and, no, we’re not getting paid to say that!). Which got us thinking… kitchen faucets get used a lot–maybe more than anything else in the kitchen. So what are the elements of a great faucet?  First, it’s important your faucet is proportional to the Read More

Close up on countertops: Granite

We thought we’d kick off our “Close up on countertops” series with a look at the counter our clients select the most often: Granite. Here are some of the pros and cons (there aren’t many cons): Granites is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz and a variety of other materials It is the Read More

How to customize your stock cabinets

There are a number of ways to make stock cabinets look custom. Cabinets like these ones from IKEA are beautiful to start. (This shaker style design is timeless.) By adding a well designed toe kick, you can see how the overall look is changed. This is a simple customization and easy for our team to do. Other examples Read More

Modern home proves 1,000 sq ft can wow

This 1,000 square foot home situated on a new development in Langford is breathtaking, and IKAN was fortunate enough to be asked to be a part of it. The owners, Josh and Desiree Harvey designed the home themselves, as Josh is a designer. Guided by the principles of modern architecture, Harvey created a home full of function, free Read More

Kitchen design trends of 2014: Year in Review

You know what’s great about December? So many things! Shortbread, hot chocolate, parties, Christmas lights, family and friends you haven’t seen in ages, and… Year in Review lists. We love Year in Review lists so we’ve put together one of our own: Kitchen design trends of 2014 accompanied by pictures of recent IKAN kitchen projects. In Read More

Our new look

IKAN has come a long way in four years, and it’s time for a little makeover. As our company has matured (maybe we as individuals have even matured… no, just aged), we’ve come to a new, more refined phase. We’re no longer a start-up business, we’re a well-oiled machine, and our interior designers, installers and Read More

Meet our team: John Frith, Designer

John is a new member of the IKAN team, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. John has an extensive background in cabinet making and furniture design, and this enables him to design kitchens that are both practical and attractive. Drawing on over 30 years in the Kitchen and Bath industry, he brings incredible skills to IKAN that result in Read More

Kitchen design quotes

A kitchen has to be pretty. That’s important to me, but even more important is that is has to be functional, well thought out, and carefully designed. ~ Fernanda Bourlot, designer Think twice before incorporating a trend concept or material into the kitchen. In fact, the more rewarding road to a truly lasting kitchen design Read More

Breakfast bars: more than for eating breakfast

If you feel like your friends and family don’t hang out in the kitchen enough, then you probably don’t have a breakfast bar. Something about a perch in the kitchen just draws people like moths to a flame. We adore them for many reasons… okay 7 reasons… and here they are! It’s a great place Read More

Painting your kitchen cabinets

Painting your cabinets is an ideal way to make your kitchen stand out–and look more expensive than it is. Coloured cabinets can create drama and add life to this very important room. They can also make certain cabinets look more like furniture than cabinetry, which can be advantageous in an open-concept home where you want your kitchen to flow Read More