Cabinet Inspiration

  • BODBYN Off-White
  • BODBYN Grey
  • BODBYN Dark Green
  • GRIMSLOV Off-White
  • RINGHULT High Gloss White
  • BODARP Gray green
  • JARSTA Blue Black
  • VOXTORP Walnut
  • VOXTORP White
  • VOXTORP Dark Gray
  • VOXTORP Beige

BODBYN Off-White

This gorgeous IKEA® door is all about the details.  The additional beveling within the frame of the door gives this door style character.  The creamy white colour is extremely versatile.  Incorporating a combination of stunning glass doors with a few rustic pops of colour in the counter-top or accessories, transforms this door style into a dramatic classic look.

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Whether you want to keep the kids’ sticky fingerprints off your kitchen cabinets or you are loving this trendy colour, BODBYN GREY can be a wonderful addition to any home. Making the fashion forward grey doors pop with a lighter counter-top creates more drama within your kitchen without committing to a bold colour choice.

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BODBYN Dark Green

BODBYN is a popular door style in the newest colourway for 2019. The traditional character of dark green adds a cosy and warm touch to any space.

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This Black stained traditional door has a solid wood frame with bevelled edges and an inset veneer panel. This kitchen can be modern when combined with High Gloss doors or on it’s on own exude a rustic and cosy feel.

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This shaker style door is elegant and classic.  Its clean design in off-white makes it versatile enough to fit into any decor.  For a more modern approach add a chrome bar handle to the kitchen.  GRIMSLOV doors with their simple framework allow for an easy mix and match style with many IKEA® door styles.  You really can’t go wrong with this timeless design.

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RINGHULT High Gloss White

This high gloss clean door is the epitome of contemporary chic. Paired with the classic LAXARBY, this door ties it altogether.  Whether you go with a push latch, half hidden or straight door pull, this door stays sleek and stylish.  The high gloss gives a nice light balance and very streamline look, great to make a small space look bigger or simply be an accent in a larger kitchen.

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This door is a top choice for the country cabin lovers out there.  The multiple grooves in the door give a nice symmetry throughout the kitchen.  HITTARP is perfect for a beachy design pairing perfectly with a combination of black knobs.  Adding a butcher block counter-top can complement this kitchen. Paired with curved chrome handles, this door style becomes clean and cool balancing the eye-catching fluting in this door.

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This IKEA® door style is bright and fresh, the light ash effect is an amazing blend of comfort and function, the flat surface is easy to clean.  Paring the ASKERSUND door with the GRIMSLOV and black knobs will create a rustic modern feel.  Walking into this kitchen in the morning will pick you up!

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BODARP Gray green

The newest addition to the lineup and not available until Fall 2019 ! A matte door with a foil finish in a trendy colour that is both sleek and modern. An amazing feature of this door is that the foil finish is made of recycled PET bottles. Can’t wait for this doorstyle to launch.

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This door style is a nice middle ground between a dark and light wood.  The simple shaker style is functional and refined.  This door style can complement other woods in your furniture or pick up warm tones from counter-tops, tile or accent decor.  Create a warm farmhouse kitchen with black cup pulls paired with a skirted sink, or pair it with EDSERUM glass doors and granite counters for an American Traditional or Craft-style home.  Adding a white tile with dark grout alongside sleek modern appliances create a more up-beat, flexible space.  This door style easily flows from kitchen to dining to living spaces in your home.

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The HAGGEBY door is one of IKEA®’s most cost-effective doors.  Great for any location where price point might be critical.  This contemporary/modern IKEA® door is clean and functional, and pairs well with high gloss, dark wood or coloured door styles.  Pair it with the TINGSRYD door, another cost effective yet more dramatic choice. Almost any knob style would look great with this door, from bright colours to brushed bronze or classic chrome, the style possibilities are endless.

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This style can go from rustic to industrial in a drop of a hat.  Pair with long pulls and a smooth concrete floor to give the illusion of a minimalist industrial home.  Kick up the homey atmosphere by incorporating some dark reclaimed wood pieces, or take this dark door style in a more relaxed direction by complimenting it with creamy greys and whites.  Also pairs nicely with VEDDINGE or RINGHULT doors.

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VEDDINGE is a great choice that keeps up with trends.  The semi-gloss finish pairs well with high gloss or coloured door styles creating a diverse space.  To keep a more classic look pair this door with a glass door to add some bright sections within a wall of cabinets or seamlessly flow in an open concept home.  Almost any handle looks amazing with this door, from bright colours to brushed bronze or classic chrome, the style possibilities are endless.

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A matte white surface with soft lines and an inset panel. This versatile door can create both a modern and traditional look.

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Create the look of a private chef’s kitchen in your home!  Add a butcher block counter-top and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a 5 star restaurant kitchen.  Match appliances to your cabinets and handles.  From glass tile back splash to artisan style furnishings even vintage heirloom pieces look fantastic next to this stainless steel door.  Use it throughout your kitchen as a fun accent piece with any of IKEA®’s other door styles.

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JARSTA Blue Black

When we think of a modern kitchen we look for frameless door style, sleek and simple hardware and strong lines throughout the space allowing the natural beauty of the materials to come through.  JARSTA is a wonderful compliment to any modern kitchen.  Its brilliant blue black melds in harmony with a clean semi or high gloss white cabinet.  Pairing the door with semi hidden aluminum handles keeps a streamline and strong design aesthetic.  Another nice choice for this door style is pairing it with the white door to create a more vibrant style.

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The KUNGSBACKA is perfect for you if you are environmentally forward.  Not only is this door stunning with its black matte finish, it is also made completely out for recycled materials.  Adding chrome cup handles and subway tiles will create a contemporary sophisticated space.  The KUNGSBACKA will surely suit any eco-friendly style and taste!

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This door is incomparable to any other IKEA® door, the natural blond ash of the TORHAMN is brilliant with the shifting grain pattern.  The door’s shaker style creates a traditional feel, that matches a modern approach.  Combining black bar handles and glass to accentuate the TORHAMN pulls a unique kitchen together. This door style is also a great door to sand and paint any colour you choose!

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The VOXTORP walnut is fantastic if you love the door style but want to hide all the fingerprints and smudges.  The warm walnut is balancing to your home if you have lots of white, the VOXTORP walnut is flexible to your individual spaces. 

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The VOXTORP White is ideal if you are looking for a European kitchen. With the clean, fresh doors and the integrated handles are exact representation of the European style. Having the VOXTORP white on its own is sensational, pairing it with the TINGSRYD door will create a contemporary space or the ASKERSUND to have a light calming kitchen.

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A modern high gloss door with integrated handle system is both sleek and cost effective. One of three colours available in this doorstyle, it can be used in combination with white or works beautifully on its own.

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The VOXTORP high gloss beige is an excellent choice if you love high gloss and a bit of colour.  The beige allows you to have darker accents and tones in your kitchen without being overwhelmed, it is clean and flawless for all spaces. Pairing it with the VOXTORP walnut and white hexagonal back-splash is a beautiful combination you are sure to love.

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The UDDEVALLA is a new concept of cabinetry, sleek and modern, the UDDEVALLA also doubles as a chalkboard. Whether it’s the grocery list or the menu for your cafe these cabinets work for any space and works for your busy life. Pairing with push opener to keep the surface clean and the VEDDINGE door makes a unique style to live for!

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