Renovation In 10 Steps

Before - IKAN After - IKAN

STEP 1: Demolition

The first step in any kitchen renovation is the removal of old cabinetry and countertops. This can involve stripping drywall to the structural frame (studs), or simply removing cabinets and countertops.

STEP 2: Electrical, Plumbing and Venting

Next, electricians and plumbers come on site to hook up any new electrical or plumbing connections in the design, as well as install venting for a hood fan. This step often involves opening up of walls to complete the work and ensure it meets code.

STEP 3: Wall Patching

This repair step patches any holes made by the electrician or plumber, and ensures old cabinet locations, and old nail and screw holes are fixed. On the first day of drywall installation, the first coat of tape and drywall compound are applied. This process typically takes 2-3 days, as drywall compound needs to be dry before sanding.

STEP 4: Paint

At IKAN, we follow our own special process in this initial painting step. We begin with a layer of primer and one coat of your final colour. In the flooring and cabinetry steps, there is a chance your walls will be scratched or dinged, and that is why the final coat of paint comes later in our process. This step also ensures “cutting” is accurate and attractive around cabinetry.

STEP 5: Flooring

At this stage of the project, we suggest installing your flooring. When flooring is put in place first, we are able to scribe end panels that align with your finished floor. If your type of flooring requires installation after the cabinetry step, we are also very happy to accommodate those needs.

STEP 6: Cabinetry

In this exciting step, we deliver your IKEA kitchen and install, as per design.

STEP 7: Countertop

As soon as your cabinetry is installed, your countertop supplier should be ready to come for final measurements. Note: Countertop suppliers will not cut before cabinetry is in place. From template to install could take 2–3 weeks.

STEP 8: Backsplash

After your countertop is in place, backsplash installation is the next step.

STEP 9: Final Coat of Paint

It is now safe to apply that final coat of paint for a pristine finished look to your brand new kitchen.

Step 10: Appliance Installation, Finish Electrical & Plumbing

At this stage your electrician returns to install new fixtures, under-mount lighting, and built-in appliances. Your plumber will also be able to install your sink, faucet and dishwasher.

Now it’s time to enjoy that beautiful new kitchen!